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But it also means the addicts are more likely to experience the side effects. Due to shorter duration of the high, they may also tend to have repeated adderall plugging. With every repetition, all the risks add up and it becomes harder to get off adderall. Questions about plugging adderall so im thinking of plugging 10mg adderall 10mg on an empty stomach gives a good effect euphoria, but for the full rushy dancey meth like high i need 30mg. Plugging drugs what is it, methods, requirements, and complications important information this information is for educational purposes only. We never invite or suggest the use, production or purchase of any these substances. Finally, rectally administering substances can be potentially dangerous because a person needs far less of anything rectally administered than administered by other avenues. Since the drug will directly enter the bloodstream, a much smaller dosage is required to achieve the same high. Experiences plugging adderall? Nobody ever talks about plugging adderall which seems odd to me considering plugging morphine derived opiates is widely known to be highly effective. I tried plugging just 9-11mg adderall ir for the first time and it was very nice.

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